Call For Papers

Esteemed Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that International Congress on Digital Games will be held in Ankara/Turkey, on April 11-13, 2018. 

Digital Games 2018 provides a 2-day opportunity for researchers and experts in academia, industry and government to share their expertise and ideas on the possible effects of the digital games over the children development.  

The congress venue will be Main Building of ICTA in Ankara.

Basic Principles for the Papers

Original papers to be presented in the Congress must contribute on the possible effects the digital games on the child as well as enlighten the basic issues in this area.

The Congress will be bilingual and papers may be submitted in English and/or Turkish. All qualified papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Nevertheless, the papers to be presented in Turkish should submit both Turkish and English Abstract. The papers to be presented in English may be submitted in English only.

Eligible studies may be presented verbal or a poster.

Verbal presentations will be held in a panel session.

Poster will be exhibited during the Congress and their presentations may be given near them.

Submission of the Papers

All paper abstracts must be submitted online through the Congress website. No paper abstract to be sent separately via mail or e-mail shall not be accepted.

The deadline for abstract submission is 1.March.2018 

All abstracts will be printed in the Outcomes as they are sent. The Organization Committee will have no responsibility for syntax errors In the texts.

The author(s) should not use any academic title(s).

All names and surnames must be written by small letters except the first letter, e.g. Basar Yılmaz.

The authors must also put the intuition’s name they are working for.

In the title of the abstract, only the first letter must be capital. (excluding the abbreviations) e.g. Digital Games in Education. The abbreviations while being in abstract must be explained in parenthesis.

Abstract must contain scope, methods used, adequate statistical details etc.

Abstract must be min. 500 words and max. 750 words excluding, title, author name, title. The abstracts not complying will be disqualified due better and fair evaluation.

The abstract must not contain neither reference nor the reference section.

All keywords must be put in keyword section with a comma and a space. No author name, not title or keywords must not be put in an abstract body text.

The papers must be original and must not be published or presented in any congress, symposium or scientific event beforehand.

The full text of the eligible papers will be received after the Congress and published.

We look forward to receiving your submission, contribution and suggestion to Digital Games Congress 2018.

Organization Committee